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On Xavato there are currently 10 achievments which are constantly increasing. Achievments can be gained during the game. To get any achievment you must fullfill specific requirements for each of them. Below we present all of the achievments that you could get with descriptions of each of them.
"Welcome in Xavato!" - Achievment that is awarded on first login.
"Donator" - Show that you support the server. Order atleast one item from our shop.
"Maniac" - Achievment that is awarded only for permaments players. Login atleast 500 times to receive it!
"Dragons killer" - Dragons are legendary and strong creatures! Try to kill them as many as 10000.
"Fragger" - Do you like to fight? Show other players that you are dominating by killing 1000 players!
"Corpse" - Show people how to die with style! Die 100 times to receive that achievment.
"Little Hungry" - Are you hungry? Defeat it by consuming atleast 1000 food items.
"MKS" - The Mass Killer Syndrome! Show that you it also touched you. Kill atleast half of milion monsters!

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