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Character Information
Name Kolorowy Pov
Sex Male
Profession Elder Druid
Level 572
World Xavato
Residence Enimo City
Guild membership Vice-Leader of the DARK UNIT.
Last login 17 October 2020, 2:35 pm
Online Time 3 days, 9 hours and 36 minutes
Soon more informations!

Level ML Fist Club Sword Axe Dist Def Fishing
572 115 28 10 10 10 10 24 10

Account Information
Created:9 October 2020, 5:46 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

Characters List
Name Level and Vocation Status
1. Bo Ona Robi Loda Mu Boumi 180 Sorcerer Offline
2. Jebac Plastikowego 298 Sorcerer Offline
3. Kapitan Waclaw 401 Master Sorcerer Offline
4. Kolorowy Pov 572 Elder Druid Offline
5. Mordo Wez 358 Master Sorcerer Offline
6. Osmy Char Normalnie 170 Sorcerer Offline
7. Pierdolniem Setke 183 Sorcerer Offline
8. Trejzol Where Are You 180 Sorcerer Offline

Name with Addons Looktype
without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
without addons
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Last 10 Daily Tasks
NameFinish Date
Safety First - (Kill 10 players with White Skull)15 Oct 2020, 16:14
Getting much stronger! - (Gain 10 levels today)14 Oct 2020, 16:22
Getting stronger! - (Gain 10 levels today)12 Oct 2020, 01:06
Little Gamer - (Gain 10 levels today)10 Oct 2020, 18:04

Normal Tasks
This player has not finished any task yet.

Annihilator Quest
Elven Brooch Quest
Mage Addon Quest
Answer Quest Quest
EXP Scroll Quest
Addon Doll Quest
Warzone Quest
Penkvies Quest
Xavato Weapon Quest
Claw of the Khalos Quest
Protective Paw Amulet Quest
Guardian Boots Quest
Djin Lamp Quest
Blessed Shield Quest
Blade Rod Quest
Firewalker Boots Quest
Crown Backpack Quest
Premium Rune Quest
Dwarven Legs Quest
Frag Remover Quest
Upgrade Item Quest
Yalahari Quest
Xavato Weapons Quest
Stamina Doll Quest
Demon Oak Quest
Pits of Inferno Quest
Inquisition Quest
Koshei's Ancient Amulet Quest
Spellweaver's Robe Quest
Eagle Shield Quest

16 Oct 2020, 23:17Killed at level 562 by Moon Coli, Don Wariacik and Biala Trinity.
16 Oct 2020, 18:42Killed at level 539 by a grim reaper.
16 Oct 2020, 18:41Killed at level 540 by a grim reaper.
16 Oct 2020, 17:57Slain at level 537 by Dolce, Dark Lord, Fresz, Dr Blant Pvp and Biala Trinity.
15 Oct 2020, 22:44Slain at level 535 by L-E-O-N-I-D-A-S, Enay, Biala Trinity, Alipa, Kizo and Korona Swirus.
15 Oct 2020, 22:37Slain at level 536 by Biala Trinity, Madopado, Enay, Kizo, Rip Rip Rip and L-E-O-N-I-D-A-S.
15 Oct 2020, 22:16Slain at level 538 by Norma Here, Dr Blant Pvp, Xavi, Dark Lord, Lewa Flanka and Kevin Spacey.
15 Oct 2020, 19:38Killed at level 530 by a grim reaper and a fury.
15 Oct 2020, 17:55Killed at level 529 by Masz Przejebane, Moon Coli, Biala Trinity and a fury.
15 Oct 2020, 14:52Killed at level 518 by Maurer, Biala Trinity and Se Tak Oo.

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1x Flawless Ice Crystal
Points: 600 480 points

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